Hacks to make your Business Trip a hassle-free hustle is With the holiday season around the corner, everyone is in the mood to celebrate. There’s a rush everywhere and the line at each counter is too long. In all the merriment and chaos, you probably can’t wait to wrap up business and get home either. So here are some tips that will make your business travel all the more smooth!

Do your Homework

Look up your hotel, check your tickets, know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what you’ll do once you’ve arrived. If there are changes you want to make, don’t’ wait until the last moment. Hotel Casa lets you choose your room and check your bookings, just log in to our site. Hotel Casa  An ideal way to travel is to arrive a day earlier, relax and be all set for that big meeting the next day!

Limit your luggage

The more the merrier definitely does not hold true here. Travel light, carrying only things you need rather than piling on with things you think you might need. Check in online and glide right through the tedious checks. You never even have to worry about losing luggage this way. And if you don’t have to check baggage, you don’t have to stick around too long after you land.

Get techy, stay ahead

A tap in time saves nine. Look up the routes you’re going to be using and pre-load them into your GPS. You’ll never get lost and what’s more is you’ll never be late for a meeting. Check your airplane seating and make sure it works for you. Look up restaurants and eateries around you so you can grab a bite on your way and not lose a second. Here are a few places you’ll find around Hotel Casa.

Loyalty points do count

If you use a particular service, stick to it. Loyalty points and rewards programs can give you many privileges- early boarding calls, first-class upgrades and just all around pampering. Don’t lose your temper if something goes wrong, the service officials are humans too after all. Give them a chance and they’ll definitely reward your kindness. Hotel Casa offers many perks to its members too.

Be well-dressed at all times

If your flight is delayed and you have to rush to the meeting, this would ensure you don’t end up in a room full of suits where you’re the only one in jeans. It also means your suitcase weighs a tiny bit less.

Keep numbers handy

All the numbers of all service vendors you might need should be handy on your phone. So any time you need something done, it is literally at your fingertips.

Stay connected

All this tech advice is for nothing if your phone is out of juice or your internet just won’t connect. Make sure you’ve got a sleek power bank in your pocket and a USB modem that lets you carry your internet everywhere you travel. But that’s only when you’re on the go because Hotel Casa has wifi-enabled rooms.

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