Navratri in Vadodara the cultural capital of Gujarat is a city known for its passion for art and culture. It is a city that has opened up commercial as well as artistic avenues with an equal fervor. The city has an illustrious history of art and architecture, and it was hence conferred with the title of Kala Nagri.Be it traditional dance, handicrafts, paintings, dramatics, or music, art is deeply ingrained in Vadodara’s core ethos. Vadodara’s Navratri is an event that defines the city, reflecting the proverbial proclamation of ‘See it to believe it’.

The colorful and vibrant festival of Navratri is just around the corner and Vadodara is the most sought after location for celebrating Navratri in Gujarat. The raw and traditional flavor of Garba dance & music has been retained over the years along with blending in a more modern flavor. The traditional dance steps have taken a complex form over the years while traditional acoustics are now replaced by amplified sound systems or a blend in the form of a live band with modern instruments.

While there are different venues for hosting Garba festival, the traditional Sheri Garba also co-exist. Exchange program students and many foreigners flock down to Vadodara to witness the colorful, record-breaking numbers of crowds dancing to the magical tunes. The Garba hosted by NGO United Ways of Baroda is world-famous and the band tours across nations celebrating Navratri abroad.

While people in other cities dance in groups, the specialty of Navratri Garba in Vadodara is the concentric circles moving around the temples in the center, forming single lines, which takes almost 2 hours to complete a circle.

Though the festival is celebrated only for nine days, there are Ratri before Navratri & Ratri after Navratri programs, prolonged till full moon to indulge all the more into dance, music, and fun. Garba competitions for declaring champions, special Garba venues for small children are also a specialty of the festival celebration in Navratri. Apart from the professional bands, there are children groups trained to sing for all 9 days of the festival. It is a lovely sight to see so much talent during these 9 festive nights of revelry.

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So dance away the nine nights to soak into the ethnic folk rhythm brimming with fresh energy and new verve in the cultural capital of Gujarat and experience a whole new way of celebrating Navratri while being a participant or a spectator of the Navratri in Vadodara festival in its pristine traditional glory in Vadodara.